About appointments

When should I make an appointment?
There are limited slots for upper endoscopy, MRIs, and PET, etc. We recommend that you make an appointment two months in advance of your desired date.
Which credit cards are acceptable for online payment?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, DINERS CLUB, Discover, and JCB are available.
Can I cancel my appointment?
You can both change the date of your visit and cancel. Please check our cancellation policy as cancellation fees may apply depending on the timing of your cancellation. If you change the date of your appointment, no cancellation fee will be charged. Please make your appointment within 365 days of your original appointment date.
What languages can you arrange for interpretation and translation? Where will you send the result sheets?
English and Chinese individual interpreter can be arranged. For other languages, please consult with us at the time of booking. The result report is available in Japanese, English, and Chinese. We will send the result to your preferred address in Japan or overseas. The result will be delivered approximately one month later if it is sent overseas.
When should I arrive in Japan?
Two stool samples collected on separate days are required and can be collected 4 days prior to the appointment date. Therefore, it is recommended that you enter Japan 2 to 3 days prior to your appointment.
Where can I receive my specimen container?
We will send the specimen container to the address in Japan of your desired address. Please let us know the address of your preferred pick-up location.

About examination

Do I need to fast before my check-up?
Fasting is necessary for accurate testing, especially for blood tests, upper endoscopy, MRI, PET, and upper abdominal ultrasound examinations. If the test starts in the morning, you should fast from the night before; if the test starts in the afternoon, you should fast from the morning of the day of the examination. Please confirm the details in the documents to be sent to you in advance.
Can I add-on options after I have completed my appointment?
Yes, it is possible. If you wish to add an imaging test, upper endoscopy, or gynecological test, we check the availability in advance, as slots are limited. For blood tests, no limited slots. Please let us know in advance via e-mail.
Can I add a PET scan to the course performed at Oike Clinic Ladies Plaza?
Yes, it is possible. Since the PET scan facility is located at the Oike Clinic, it will be performed at the Oike Clinic.
I would like to have a comprehensive full-body exam, what do you recommend?
We recommend adding PET-CT to the Executive Course. In this case, we kindly ask that you visit the clinic for a duration of two days.
I am claustrophobic. Can I have an MRI scan?
If you have any concerns about the examination, such as claustrophobia, please do not hesitate to ask our staff for help.
Can I have an MRI scan if I have a pacemaker, ICD, or piercing that cannot be removed?
In such a case, please let us know at the time of reservation. For more information, please refer to the MRI scan page.
What should I do if abnormal findings are indicated?
If abnormal findings are indicated, we can refer you to a specialized medical institution or an affiliated medical institution in Japan for further examination. This will depends on the individual situation. Please note that our facility cannot provide any treatments or medication. Please note that any treatments in Japan will be at your own expense.

About the day of the examination

What should I bring on the day of check-up?
Please bring the containers in which you collected the urine and stool samples for analysis. If you wear contact lenses, please bring your contact lens case. Please confirm the details in the documents to be sent to you in advance.
Can I take my usual medications on the morning of the check-up?
If you have regular medications, do not skip it based on your judgment; please consult your primary doctor in advance.
If I arrive late, can I still undergo an examination?
If you arrive late for the time we have informed you in advance, you may not be able to take the examination. Please be sure to arrive at the clinic at the time indicated. Please note that the examination fee will not be refunded if you are late.

About an upper endoscopy

What are the options for upper endoscopy?
There are two types of cameras: oral and nasal. Please choose the oral or nasal at the time of your appointment.
Do you use anesthesia during an upper endoscopy?
Endoscopy is performed after local anesthesia of the pharynx or nasal cavity.
Do you perform upper endoscopy with sedation?
Upper endoscopy with sedation is available at the Oike Clinic and Oike Clinic Ladies Plaza only. Separate fee will be charged (12,100 yen). There is an age restriction and it takes longer than usual for examination and recovery. Please remove your nail color. Please refrain from driving on the day of the examination. For more information, please refer to the upper endoscopy examination page.

For female

What is the difference between breast ultrasound and mammography?
Breast ultrasound is superior to mammography in examining the interior of abnormal structures. Mammography is excellent in detecting microscopic calcifications in breasts to diagnose early-stage breast cancer.
I have had breast augmentation surgery. Can I have a mammography test?
If you have had breast implants including a fat transfer breast augmentation, you cannot have a mammogram. Please choose a breast ultrasound.
I am pregnant. Can I take the examination?
For safety reasons, we do not perform the examination on pregnant women.
Are there any tests that cannot be taken during menstruation?
Urine test, fecal test, pap smear, and transvaginal ultrasound cannot be provided.
During menstruation, urine and stool tests should not be collected because the results may be less accurate.