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Chiin-kai Medical Corporation is a medical institution that focuses on preventive medicine. For over 30 years since establishing the OikeClinic in Kyoto as Japan's first shared-use diagnostic imaging center in 1990, we have contributed to the enhancement of community healthcare in Japan by specializing in comprehensive medical check-ups and diagnostic imaging to support the physical well-being of many individuals.

We provide high-quality physical examinations and pursue better medical care from the viewpoint of preventive medicine, contributing to early detection and early treatment of diseases and helping people to live brighter and more active lives.


Tanabe TakujiPresident

Our corporation has its origins in a small clinic called Tanabe Clinic, which opened in 1979 to provide radiology and internal medicine services, with the aim of identifying diseases early through diagnostic imaging. The clinic was in high demand, conducting medical examinations and diagnostic tests within its own facilities, as well as X-ray examinations for other facilities without X-ray equipment; however, at one point, the director felt the limitations of what a single physician could do. He realized that by organizing multiple doctors as a team, medical care could provide better support to more patients. So, he gathered his colleagues, and embodied the concepts of preventive medicine and imaging diagnosis in an expansive way. This has indeed become the foundation of Medical Corporation Chiinkai today. In Chinese folklore, “Chiin (zhīyīn)” means “close friend”. It represents our strong desire to provide more specialized medical care thorough active collaboration with other medical institutions as our “close friends”.

We opened Oike Clinic in 1990 as Japan’s first shared-use diagnostic imaging center/comprehensive health screening center. In 2003, it became the nation’s pioneer in introducing PET, which is used for staging and early identification of cancer. Since then, it has been equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, receiving requests for imaging tests from 1,800 medical institutions nationwide. Furthermore, it has conducted general and comprehensive health screenings for more than 20,000 customers annually.

Subsequently, we opened Nakanoshima Clinic in Osaka in 2007 and Oike Clinic Ladies Plaza, the first women-only health screening facility in the Kansai area, in 2022.

At Oike Clinic Ladies Plaza, all tests are carried out by female staff, who delicately respond to the physical concerns and worries unique to women.

More than 40 years have passed since the establishment of Tanabe Clinic, and the medical field has evolved. The previous concept of medicine was “to treat a disease after it has occurred”, but today we believe that “there is nothing better than early identification and treatment”, and will continue to go forward on the path of preventive medicine.

To date, over 780,000 people have undergone health screenings at Medical Corporation Chiinkai. We are proud of the fact that our medical technology and services have been highly evaluated by our customers.

In the hope that people overseas will also experience the medical technology and services we have cultivated in Kyoto and Osaka, we established a department dedicated to serving international customers in 2023. We invite you to experience a practice of preventive medicine unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Corporate Overview

Corporate name
Chiin-Kai Medical Corporation
President Takuji Tanabe
June 1979
December 1990
Number of corporate employees
463 (as of March 31, 2023)
Business Description
Provision of medical care focusing on general health checkups and diagnostic imaging

Major Milestone

Opening of Tanabe Clinic
Opening of Sakazaki Clinic and Kyoto Medical Club, Inc. at the same time
Opening of Nakanoshima Clinic
Corporate name became Chiinkai Medical Corporation, and Sakazaki Clinic was renamed Oike Clinic.
Opening of Shijo Karasuma Clinic
Tanabe Takuji appointed as President.
Opening of Oike Clinic Ladies Plaza
Opening of Nishinomiya Gardens Kenshin Clinic
Opening of Nakanoshima Clinic Ladies Plaza

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  • Resona Bank, Ltd.
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  • Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.
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    ​Chiinkai Medical Corporation
  • Quality Evaluation for Ningen Dock and Health Screening Institute

    Accredited facility:Oike Clinic
  • Japanese Commission on Accreditation of Health Evaluation Organizations

    Accredited facility:​Nakanoshima Clinic
  • Japan Society of Health Evaluation and Promotion

    Accredited facility:​Nakanoshima Clinic