PET-StandardDuration | 4h

The PET-CT Standard Course is a basic health screening course using PET-CT and combining a pepsinogen test (gastric cancer screening), tumor marker (blood test), and fecal occult blood test.

Course Inclusions

  • PET-CT
  • Pelvis MRI
  • Brain MRI
  • Chest-CT
  • Upper Abdominal-CT
  • 4 Tumor markers
  • Upper endoscopy
  • Breast exam
  • Individual interpreter
  • Translated report
  • International shipping fee for report



Course Comparison


Examination List

  • Consultation

    • Medical consultation
  • Body Measurement

    • Height
    • Body weight
    • Blood pressure
    • Pulse rate
  • Digestive System

    • Pepsinogen
    • Hemoccult (2-day)
  • Tumor markers

    • CEA (Stomach, Colon, Pancreas, Lung)
    • CA19-9 (Gallbladder, Pancreas)
    • PSA (Prostate) for male
    • CA-125 (Ovary) for female
    • SCC (Squamous-cell carcinoma)
  • Kidney・Bladder

    • Creatinine
    • e-GFR
  • PET

    • PET-CT
  • Services

    • Meal coupon
    • Translated medical checkup report
    • International shipping fee for a report
    • Individual interpreter

​What to Know Before Your Health Screening

Before the examination

  • Fasting is required from the night before or the morning of the check-up day. The start time of fasting depends on the start time of the examination.
  • Please collect two stool samples on two different days, between four days before and the day of the examination.

Related Information

On the day

  • Medication: If you have regular medication, do not skip it based on your judgment; please consult your primary doctor in advance.
  • Please collect your first-morning midstream urine, using the KIT that we send you in advance.
  • Please bring your container for urinalysis and stool samples in which the specimen was collected.

Abstain from visiting the clinic if you fulfill the criteria for one of the patients below on the date of the health screening.

  • Patient with or suspected to have infectious diseases such as influenza, epidemic conjunctivitis, TB, or scabies.
  • Patient with a fever or serious cold or symptoms such as a cough or sore throat.

In such cases, please call the clinic where you have made an appointment.

  • The examination will start punctually at the specified time. If you are late for the reception time we have informed you in advance, you may not be able to take the examination. In such cases, the fee will not be refunded.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please confirm the cancellation policy before booking.
  • Prices are based on per person basis, in Japanese currency.
  • All prices are TAX included.
  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice.