Oike Clinic

Oike Clinic

The Oike Clinic is equipped with imaging modalities such as PET-CT, MRI, and CT, and performs 30,000 diagnostic imaging examinations per year, making it one of Japan's leading facilities specializing in diagnostic imaging.

We provide high-quality imaging examinations, which are also an important part of physical checkups. We welcome international visitors with a luxurious environment and a high level of hospitality.

Available course

Oike Clinic

Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

  • PET


    GE Omni Legend

  • MRI


    Siemens Skyra 3.0T
    Philips Ingenia 3.0T
    Siemens Avanto Fit 1.5T
    Philips Ingenia Ambition 1.5T

  • CT


    GE Revolution CT 256

  • Breast PET

    Breast PET

    Shimadzu Elmammo Avanto Class



  • Address

    Shimadzu Plaza Building
    11 Shimoaicho Nishinokyo Nakagyoku Kyoto 604-8436, JAPAN

  • TEL


    • Japanese only
  • E-mail

    • English and Japanese only

Local Area Information

Kyoto boasts 17 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites and a treasure chest of Japanese traditions and beautiful scenery.
Many famous tourist attractions are located in the vicinity of the clinic and are worth a visit.



5km from the clinic



3km from the clinic

Nijo-jo Castle

Nijo-jo Castle

2km from the clinic

Kyoto imperial place

Kyoto Imperial Palace

3km from the clinic

Kiyomizu temple

Kiyomizu Temple

6km from the clinic

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Fushimi Inari Taisha

8km from the clinic